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Aug. 4, 2019

CPC Episode #14 - Access Forbidden Knowledge From an $80 Cup of Cat Poop

I bet you never thought you'd find deep lessons inside cat turds, did you? Well you will, in Episode 14, with nuggets like: What experts do instead of work hard What cat poop coffee can teach you about opportunity spotting Learn how farmers got...

I bet you never thought you'd find deep lessons inside cat turds, did you? Well you will, in Episode 14, with nuggets like:

  • What experts do instead of work hard
  • What cat poop coffee can teach you about opportunity spotting
  • Learn how farmers got around an obstacle to discover "beans of gold"
  • How you can get $250 of college prep advice, free
  • Use this Tony Robbins "cloning" process to shrink your exam learning curve
  • Expert ACT and SAT consultants charge $150 per hour. Find out how you can get their knowledge for a fraction of the cost

Welcome to Episode 14 of College Prep Confidential, and this week, we're going to get a little nasty... with an episode entitled, Access forbidden knowledge from an $80 cup of cat poop

During the 1600's, the Dutch introduced coffee to the Southeast Asia. The name Java for coffee initially gets its name from the island of Java where coffee is produced. And it's the setting for the story I'm about to tell you...

Back in the 1850's on the island of Java, the Dutch elite passed a troublesome law...

They banned farmers and plantation workers from harvesting the coffee for personal consumption.

The poor farmers who toiled in the hot sun all day got the middle finger when they asked to drink the coffee.

Like all great minds, the farmers discovered a loophole.

The law stated the farmers couldn't touch the crops.

But it said nothing about the crops if they fall off the plant! Or what happens to them afterwards.

Around this time, the farmers noticed an interesting event.

A musk spraying turd dropper called the civet cat used to hang around the coffee plantations. Being a nocturnal creature, the civet cat raided the plantations at night, and stuffed their gullet full of coffee cherries. The guards were asleep, and nobody could see the civet cat eating the cherries.

Now here's where our farmer's got a gift from God.. the civet cat binged on the coffee cherries, .. and then pooped them out. The coffee seeds went undigested through the civet cat's intestines. And out them came in the cat poop.

Being full within the law, the farmers washed off the coffee seeds and made their own coffee called Kopi Luwak (this is Indonesian for: coffee from [the] Luwak—Civet cat). They noticed on the first few coffee brews that the cat turd coffee tasted far better than the other coffee from the plantation.

Part of the brilliance of this plan came from the undigested seeds. First, the civet cat only picked ripe cherries. And he left the rotten ones behind. Second, the digestion process removed all of the fruit and pulp, leaving a perfect seed behind. In addition, the civet's stomach enzymes improves the coffee's aroma and flavor. Which meant less work and higher quality for the farmers. And the end result was a delicious cup of coffee, courtesy of a steaming pile of cat droppings.

Now here's the fascinating part...

In certain parts of the world, coffee fiends pay $100 to $500 per pound for a taste of these transformed cat turds. While fans of the coffee tout the taste, the hefty price also comes from the unorthodox method of making the coffee. 

And it's made certain coffee growers stacks of greenbacks.

All thanks to farmers using alternative knowledge, shortcuts, and crafty solutions to gain an edge.

You see, finding an edge can change your life.

For example, what if you had foresight into an exam before you took it? Instead of studying in the traditional manner of hunting and pecking, what if you had exam experts craft your study plan for you? And what if you knew in advance what types of questions would be asked? Interesting, right? Wouldn't you like to get your hands on this? 

I'll show you how in a moment, but first, let me tell you how I found this opportunity.

Years ago, a wise man told me to "always keep your antenna up." When you hear or see something interesting... take note of it. Especially if you haven't heard it before or it rattles your brain. Treat your brain like a radio, and make sure your antenna is up to "catch the right signals."

Now, about this opportunity I mentioned, here's the story...

So 2 years ago, the story goes, I'm browsing around my computer when I land on a site about ACT and SAT exams. The pitch line mentioned something about "designed by elite, Ivy League experts."

I don't know why, but it rattled my brain, and so on an impulse, I called the number. I spoke with the man on the other end of the phone, and after a 30 minute conversation, we came up with a way to design a platform for ACT and SAT exams.

The premise is simple... the study guide, questions, tips, tricks, and mindset behind the platform comes from the minds of the best test takers in the world. These people work smarter, not harder. They've taken the exam multiple times, they've been consultants and they've mastered every angle and shortcut to crush these exams. 

So this meeting eventually turned into another meeting, where we discussed building a platform. The platform contains Ivy League Expert processes and mindset. So when somebody starts fresh on an ACT or SAT exam on day one, they aren't sent off on a wild goose chase on a Map with no treasure. Every step, from the initial introduction, the weekly progress, and the way their mind works, comes directly from the experts.

By the way, the process I described is known as "modeling." Modeling is finding the best person in your industry, class, or field, and mimicking their behaviors. I learned this from Tony Robbins, he swears by it. In fact, he had some of the best mentor him in finance and health. The goal of modeling is for you to get better from observing the expert or working directly with the expert in your field by thinking and acting like they do.

So I took the modeling principle, and I adopted it for an ACT/SAT platform. Now, the study guides, the testing, the answers, the work behind the answers, comes directly from these Ivy League Testing Experts. Since I can't have 3.5 million people work with them directly, I took their brain power and their approach and built it into a platform.

This platform models the exact mental process the Ivy League experts take when approaching a problem. And how the thought before the problem is vital to solving the problem. We're modeling the mental process of the top 1% exam takers in the country.

It's why I nicknamed it, "Download an Ivy Leaguers Brain".

Since modeling acts like a program for your mind and body, you simply "install" this program to adopt the Ivy League expert principles of test taking.

It's all possible, when you keep your antenna up. Just like the civet coffee farmers did. And keeping your antenna up is part of the path to greatness. The other part comes from finding shortcuts, like the coffee farmers did when they let the civet cat do the dirty work. 

The civet cat digestion process left nothing but a ripe coffee seed. It works the same with my download an Ivy Leaguer's brain program. The experts stripped away everything you don't need, and only left over and optimized what you do need.

And what's left over is a perfect seed you can plant in your mind... and when it ripens, you're left with an average increase of 3 points on your ACT exam, and 150 points on your SAT exam. You reduce study time, and eradicate stress. All of this made possible by shortucts, tips, and tricks from people who've been there, done it, and mastered the college prep exam process.

This podcast is dedicated to giving listeners an edge on exams, on financial aid, and on the college prep process. So let me deliver this edge into your hands. First, I've got a special offer for you, to get you an upper hand. You can try out the Download an Ivy Leaguer's brain platform for $1. $1 measly dollar, for 7 days. If you like it, you'll continue on at $99 per month. Now keep in mind, the average expert SAT consultant charges $150 per hour and more for their services. You get 7 days for a dollar.

Also, I've secured another unfair advantage for you. I've partnered up with a college prep agency dedicated to maximizing financial aid for you. And if you want, I've reserved a $250 strategy session, absolutely free. During this session, you'll get a strategic plan for college prep. And if you like what you hear, you can discuss a full, done for you college prep package. What you'll learn in this session will teach you what really goes on behind the scenes for financial aid and college prep.

To claim both of these podcast listener bonuses, go to cpcshow.com. That c-p-c-show.com. Or, call 1-800-234-2933, that's 1-800-234-2933 and leave your contact information. Tell my assistant you're interested in the college prep deal.

Thank you for listening, and I'll see you next week.