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Quality is amazing

Short, sweet and super actionable! It’s like an amazing audio book that gives you a ton of insights

Actionable, Simple, Helpful

I like easy to follow stories, tips, and tricks. This podcast delivers.

What Really Goes On Behind The College Prep Process

It's nice to hear things nobody else is talking about. The mental and financial game behind going to college.

Takes the Stress out of College Prep

I stress out over anything related to school. This takes the edge off.

A great resource add on for the mathcelebrity website

It feels like don is sitting down next to you walking you through the process

Great for Parents Wondering about Financial Aid and Exam Prep

Great for parents wondering about college prep. I like the exam and financial aid focus.

Financial Aid Tips You Can Use

Any money I can save on student loans is a benefit. Don breaks down the money game for financial aid.

Confidence Builder and Mindset Upgrade

I struggle with confidence in math. I like the mental tips for the exam. Helps me get out of my own head.