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In this episode, we talk about the real reason, not the reason parents and students tell others, of why we choose expensive colleges.

We also talk about each college having an instrinsic value based on this hidden reason, and how YOU can use it to your advantage.

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March 28, 2022

CPC Episode #39 - You v2

College Prep Confidential Episode #39 - You v2
Treat your life improvements like a computer upgrade. What to do and what not to do when leveling up your life.

Use this 2 column list to transform your college experience and your life.

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March 26, 2022

Number Burst Game

Start Aim your number and shoot it to the target!
You need to reach to the target and clear the levels
its fun game and addictive, the goal is to aim and blast 3 or more.

You can use the booster to get faster to clear the level.
Play it all day!
More than 100+ levels!

You’ll have a number cannon …

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Do you like playing match 3 puzzle games?
But you also love only number puzzle games?

Introducing Number Squash, which blends the very best of number games and match three games into one fun match numbers puzzle. View the level goals, match the number…

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Demonstrates the Rule of Succession in statistics. Given (s) successes in (n) trials, what is the probability of the next repetition being a success?

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Are you looking for fidget trading 3D games to relax and collect popit toys?
Do you want fidget games trading challenges that are organized in levels?

Welcome to Fidget Frenzy: Fidget Toy Trading, which is a free fidget toy trading 3D g…

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Given a market share percent for a group of companies, this calculates the Herfindahl Index (H) and Normalized Herfindahl Index (H*)

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Feb. 7, 2022

Yahtzee Probability

Calculate the Yahtzee probability for:

Yahtzee: 5 of a kind
4 of a kind
Full House
Large Straight
Small Straight
3 of a kind
Chance (Nothing)

00:00 Intro
00:08 Probability of Yahtzee (5 of a Kind)
01:42 Probability of 4 of a Kind
03:04 Probability of a Full House
04:44 Probability of …

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Our next mental model for math comes from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
We call this the map is not the territory.

Everybody draws a map of the world they use to create "reality". Since everybody has their own unique map, we see how the map is not the territory.

For math, the best way to le…

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10 Affirmations for Math Confidence laid over the 963hz Solfeggio Frequency.

I control my destiny

I have an abundance of confidence

My confidence is unshakeable

I deserve everything I want in life

Every day I get better and better

I have no limitations in math

I love the person I am becoming…

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Calculation Domination: How Anybody Can Explode Their Math Scores Using the Mental Magic of Elon Musk and Warren Buffett.

This audiobook shows you various thinking tools called mental models of the top 5% of math students. Mental models are used by Charlie Munger and come from the following disci…

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Struggling to get eyeballs on all your hard work? Discover the secret sauce needed to boost your site’s most crucial numbers.
Is your URL languishing in obscurity? Is it buried in Google’s search results? Are you tearing your hair out over disastrous rankings? Entrepreneur and owner of successful w…

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3 times the sum of 2 decreased by x is 9

square root of the sum of 2 variables

x/y + 9 = n for x

if sc = hr and hr=ab then sc=ab

After 20 minutes, Juan had completed 12 questions, which is 0.7 of his assignment. What percent of the assignment has Juan NOT completed?

There are 60 students in a …

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2 times itself

opposite of twice the quotient of a and a


d-f^3=4a for a

2 times the sum of 3x and 5

2 times the sum of x plus y is 10

a number increased by 8 and then tripled

cereal is on sale for 3.60 for a 9-ounce box. what is the price per ounce?

3 boys …

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sum of 3 consecutive odd integers equals 1 hundred 17

When 4 times a number is increased by 40, the answer is the same as when 100 is decreased by the number

a is multiplied by 2 and added to b

How many 1/4 sheets are there in 5 sheets

Daisy earned 300 for a 40 hour week how much is her hourly …

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Live Stream Online Math Tutoring for 10/29/2021

raise r to the 8th power then find the product of the result and 3

product of r plus 7 and 4

a baseball park charges $4.50 per admission ticket. the park has already sold 42 tickets. how many more tickets would they need to sell to earn at least $4…

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Live Stream Online Math Tutoring for 10/28/2021

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Live Stream Online Math Tutoring for 10/27/2021

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Live Stream Online Math Tutoring for 10/26/2021

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How would you like to leap into the top 1% of networked people on LinkedIn spending only 15 minutes a day? How much would this change your life? Connection Magnet gives you a unique and simple blueprint to leapfrog into the sacred 30,000 connections club on LinkedIn.

Who does this blueprint work f…

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Live Stream Online Math Tutoring for 10/25/2021

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When students get tripped up on math problems, they make one of two mistakes:

1) They either forget what to do
2) They don’t know what to do

For this video, we’re going to address mistake number two, not knowing what to do.

To solve this problem, I’ll introduce another mental model for math.


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Live Stream Online Math Tutoring for 10/23/2021

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Live Stream Online Math Tutoring for 10/21/2021

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