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Who not How

When math students struggle with math, the first question they ask is “How?”. As in, how do I do this? This question forces limitations on your progress because you focus on effort instead of results. Starting with how assumes increased effort equals increased results. This is not true.

The top students in math class focus on working smarter and not harder. To do this, they change their question to “Who?”. As in, Who, not How. Who questions start off like:
• Who can help me learn this math concept?
• Who can give me a better way to do this?
• Who can help me speed up my cognitive ability?

The magic of Who, not How maximizes results while reducing stress and time spent. By letting the Who do the How, you shorten your learning curve by maximizing expertise. Let’s take a struggling math student who uses Who not How. They’d ask questions such as:

• Which math tutor can help me increase learning and decrease time?
• Who on YouTube knows these concepts?
• Who is the smartest person in my math class?

By embracing Who not How, you find the right people to speed up your learning and uncover your weak points. When you do this, you fast track your way to success.